All You Need to Know about the different types of Automatic Cars

For most drivers around the world, automatic cars have become the prime option and Indians have entered the bandwagon, too. Convenience, clutch-free shifting, and ease of driving have led individuals to prefer automatic vehicles over manual ones.   The automatic gearbox began as simple mechanisms of gear change that gave comparatively lower fuel economy than the manuals of the past. […]

How does an Automatic Car work?

Many cars use a form of automatic transmission called a hydraulic planetary automatic transmission, which is also used in some industrial and commercial machinery and heavy-duty vehicles in a scaled-up version. The friction clutch is replaced by a fluid coupling and, depending on the car’s needs, the mechanism specifies a set of gear ranges. Both gears lock when you put […]

All You Need To Know About Automatic Cars

Our average speeds are dropping quickly with the constant change in urbanization and the ever-increasing traffic. A car driver ends up changing gears every few seconds, on average. This can be annoying, particularly when driving home after a long day at work, not to forget the extra tiredness. The automotive industry in India is seeing technological advances with each passing […]