Audi’s New Electric Sports Car Revealed: A tough competition to Tesla

Audi has just announced its new production car, and it’s awesome. The Audi e-tron GT is a battery-powered, all-electric sports car with front and rear axle engines capable of generating 637 horsepower, in a top-performing $140,000 RS guise. This provides the potential of the sporty four-door to accelerate from zero in around three seconds to 60 m.p.h.   The expansion […]

Introduction to Electric Vehicles in India

Change is a part of our lives and people work together much of the time for a meaningful change that will help society. Speaking about the automotive industry, the launch of Electric vehicles is one of the biggest improvements we have seen in recent times. It is discovered that Electric Vehicles produce almost three times less CO2 on average than […]

All New Upcoming Cars in India 2021

Upcoming Cars in India 2021: India is a developing country in terms of tech and investments. Businesses are pouring in since the last decade. Companies now see India as an emerging opportunity as a result of an increased number of customers. India is all set to welcome new upcoming cars in India 2021. Here are some best cars in India […]