2022 Tesla Model 3: Specs, Price And Pictures

2022 tesla model 3

Tesla is known for its inconsistency with launching new car models. But in 2022, it’s not gonna happen. Here, Tesla’s new model 2022 Tesla model 3 is in the lineup. 

During an overnight update, Tesla has changed the ranges of many of its popular brands such as model 3 and model T trims. 

Those updates were coinciding with tesla’s shift towards the production of the 2022 models. 

So, let me show you the prices and specifications of the 2022 tesla model 3. 

The 2022 tesla model 3 has:- 

  • Batteries that deliver upto a range of 34km-43km.
  • It can reach upto 0-100km/h within 0.5 seconds. 
  • Before on-road cost is $50,990. 

Tesla has used its cheapest electric car range with the latest revised model of 2022 tesla model 3. Which is available for sale through the American brand’s website. 

As described in our whole story, the Chinese-made model 3 has received a larger battery pack, among all models. 

It is estimated that entry-level models will measure 62 kWh and long-range and performance versions will measure 82 kWh – with no additional expenditures. 

With the cheapest model of tesla’s smallest electric prices start from $59,900 before on road. 

According to the European WLTP testing procedures, the driving range claims to come in at 491 km entry-level 62kWh model. 614km in the 82kWh long range and 567km in the flagship performance. 

The entry-level model or we can say as “model 3”, setting down the standard range plus title- has been struck with a performance cut. Though, now covering 0-100km/h sprint in 6.1 seconds. 

However, the top speed kept the same at 225km/h, via its single-mounted electric motor. 

The long-range reform to dual-motor all-wheel drive, and acceptable for 4.4 second 0-100km/h time and 233km/h top speed. 

tesla wheels

Even so, the range-topping performance acquires more powerful electric motors for a time of 3.3-second 0-100km/h and a 267km/h top speed. 

Tesla does not specify power or torque outputs, and the only charging claim confirmed on the company’s website is that a 15-minute stop at a Supercharger adds 327 kilometers to the advertised range. 

Furthermore, the 2022 tesla model 3 electric car has got a still update in Australia. Along with larger battery packs, that deliver a higher driving range, with no extra cost. 

2022 tesla model 3 electric view

But just for a drop in performance for an altered entry-level model. 

2022 Tesla Model 3 standard features:

  • 18-inches alloy wheels having aero covers.
  • 15-inches touchscreen with access to Bluetooth, navigation, multiple driver profiles, and app integration. 
  • Front seats are provided with heating. 
  • UV and infrared protection are provided via tinted glass. 
  • Vegan upholstery is in black and white which is called “premium”.
  • Wireless phone charging.
  • Four USB-C ports
  • Power-folding heated side mirrors.
  • An upgraded sound system. 
  • 30-days premium connectivity trial
  • Autonomous emergency braking 
  • Blind-spot monitoring
  • Auto-pilot semi-autonomous driving system 

2022 Tesla Model 3 Performance adds – Over Long Range:

  • 20-inch Uberturbine wheels
  • Performance brakes with two-piece discs
  • Track mode
  • Carbon-fiber rear lip spoiler
  • Pirellip zero performance tires
  • Lowered suspension 
  • Aluminum alloy pedals 

2022 Tesla Model 3 Long Range adds – Over Base Model 3:

  • 10-inch sport wheels
  • Heated rear seats
  • Interior floor mats
  • LED front fog lights
  • 14-speaker premium sound system 

2022 Tesla Model 3 price 

Regardless of the upgrades, its prices remain the same. The base model 3 remains at the same price of $59,900 before the on-roads cost. The model 3 long range at $73,400 before on-roads cost. While the model 3 at $86,930 before on-roads cost. 

No additional changes have been made with the new models. Like the color, wheel, are quite identical. Even so, the full-driving option is also available and remained unchanged at just $10,00. 

Colors available

tesla model 3 colors

The pearl white multi-coat is standard. And the following finishes are at $1500 with the options:- 

  • Solid black
  • Deep blue metallic
  • Midnight silver metallic

Well, Tesla isn’t the first automaker offering persuasive electric cars nowadays. 

Even the ford mustang mach-E comes up with sporty performance and utilizable cargo area. On the other hand, the latest BMW i4 is stuffed with a luxury sport sedan that is an EV. 

It’s said, that tesla’s early start-up has given the company a ramp up with the entire package. 

Still, the 2022 tesla model 3 is a heavily compelling sedan. And even, despite its less-than-advertised range and cumbersome tech, it’s worth considering, while looking for an electric car in the market. 

Servicing And Warranty 

As there are plenty of moving parts, Tesla Model 3 doesn’t need much maintenance. Though, Tesla recommends changing the air conditioning filters every two years.  

And also, checking the tire tread, rotation, and balance every 20,000km. 

Due to the regenerative braking, its brake pads and discs need to work less vigorously than in internal combustion vehicles. 

Furthermore, model 3 needs to check its brake fluid checked every two years, with the lubrication of pads and discs every 12 months in colder weather. 

All over, the tesla model 3 is covered by a four-year vehicle warranty upto 80,000km. 

Providing battery warranty for eight years (160,000km) in the base model and eight years (192,000km) for the all-wheel-drive variants.  

As well as tesla promises minimum retention of 70 percent over the warranty period. 


The tesla model 3 has a rating of 5 stars from the ANCAP

It achieved 96% adult occupant protection, 87% for child occupant protection, 74% for vulnerable road user protection, and 94% for safety assist. 

The standard active safety equipment includes:- 

  • Autonomous emergency braking
  • Blind-spot monitoring
  • Lane-departure warning with lane-keep assist
  • Adaptive cruise control 
  • Back camera with front and rear parking sensors


2022 tesla model 3 is a small and affordable option for all of you. California-based all-electric automaker offering the best price. 

After a series of updates in 2021, including updated interior, ramped up the range on a full charge, and the rest of the additional features. What other changes can we expect for the 2022 model? Please let me know in the comments. 


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