Royal Enfield Classic 350 Price

The Royal Enfield classic 350 price starts at Rs 1.62 lakhs to Rs 1.92 lakhs. This Royal Enfield classic 350 is powered by a 346 CC air-cooled engine which produces power. Although this model of the latest bikes is currently available in 12 different variants. It has an amazing tank fuel of 13.5 liters itself. In addition to this, the […]

Automated Manual Transmission: Everything You Need to Know

Automated Manual Transmission, also known as Semi-Automatic Transmission (SAT) or Clutchless Manual Transmission, is a form of automated manual transmission (CMT). An AMT’s primary role is to automate manual transmissions, which means the driver is no longer responsible for pressing the clutch and changing gears with a button. AMT is divided into two types: single-clutch and dual-clutch. Although the dual-clutch […]

All You Need to Know About Fisker’s Ocean

When more and more new models enter the market, the tide is turning for electric vehicles, and with its appropriately called Ocean SUV, Fisker Automotive looks to capitalize on that sentiment. The Ocean has a low starting price ($37,499) and a long drive range, but it is still a few years away, or probably more based on the company’s history […]

Top Motorsport Cars You Need to Know About

Motorsports is a broad term that refers to a variety of competitive sporting activities that mainly require the use of motorized vehicles, whether for racing or non-racing purposes. Under the umbrella of motorcar racing, the word can also be used to describe types of competition involving four-wheeled motorized vehicles. If you’re a fan of motorsport cars, this article is going […]

All You Need to Know About Electric Car Batteries

Nothing says that you are committed to renewable energy and the environment like owning or replacing your petrol/diesel car with an electric car. To halt climate change and save the world, the transition to sustainable mobility and transport electrification is essential. Electric vehicles will replace those with combustion engines in the medium term, a move that involves research and development […]

Toyota Fortuner: Everything You Need To Know

Toyota, the world’s largest automaker, has carved out a niche for itself in the Indian automotive market with its distinctively styled automobiles that offer panache and durability to both high and middle-income customers. We’re talking about the Toyota Fortuner, which is actually the best-selling vehicle in its category. It’s a noteworthy achievement, considering the fierce rivalry in the diesel SUV […]

All You Need To Know About Toyota GR Yaris

Toyota GR Yaris is a comparatively inexpensive performance car designed not merely to fulfill a marketing strategy or to set a meaningless lap record around a single track, but to act as the perfect forum for staging a top-flight motorsport campaign. In the most literal sense, the Toyota GR Yaris is a genuine homologation special. What are the Specifications of […]