Royal Enfield Classic 350 Price: Everything you should know

Royal Enfield classic 350

The Royal Enfield classic 350 price starts at Rs 1.62 lakhs to Rs 1.92 lakhs. This Royal Enfield classic 350 is powered by a 346 CC air-cooled engine which produces power. Although this model of the latest bikes is currently available in 12 different variants. It has an amazing tank fuel of 13.5 liters itself. In addition to this, the Royal Enfield 350 is the highest selling product from the iconic manufacturer’s products lineup. This model is the perfect example of great design with modern technologies embedded in it. 

The Royal Enfield Classic 350 features metal-encased telescopic front forks emphasizing its retro character along with the chrome crowned headlight. The front mudguard covers the front tire completely revealing a vintage styling of the Classic 350.

Therefore, taking a ride in royal Enfield classic 350 is very much comfortable and relaxing, which will give you goosebumps and an amazing experience along with it. 

Royal Enfield Classic 350 Price In Delhi 

The Royal Enfield classic 350 price in Delhi starts at Rs 1.65 lakhs with easy EMIs. This model is available in 7 variants and 10 colors in new Delhi. Although Apart from this the top variants of the Royal Enfield classic 350  Price are available at ₹ 2,20,708 (on-road price, Delhi).

The Royal Enfield classic 350 has changed the fortunes of brands. The Royal Enfield classic 350 is available for sale at 22 Royal Enfield showrooms in Delhi. They offer test drives with the best offers and exchange benefits themselves. The foundation of the Royal Enfield classic 350 is pretty simple and conventional. Royal Enfield also offers official lightweight exhaust systems for its Classic 350 range in three price points, starting from Rs 3,300.

Royal Enfield Classic 350 On Road Price In Delhi

  Variants  On-Road Price Specifications
Royal Enfield Classic 350 Single Channel ABS – BS-VI ₹ 1.86 Lakh (approx)  346 cc, Petrol,
Royal Enfield Classic 350 Standard – BS-VI ₹ 1.95 Lakh (approx) 346 cc, Petrol,
Royal Enfield Classic 350 Gun Metal Grey – BS-VI (Spoke) ₹ 1.97 Lakh (approx) 346 cc, Petrol, 37 km
Royal Enfield Classic 350 Sandstone and Airborne – BS-VI ₹ 2.06 Lakh (approx) 346 cc, Petrol,
Royal Enfield Classic 350 Orange Ember & Metallo Silver ₹ 2.1 Lakh (approx) 346 cc, Petrol, 36.5 km
Royal Enfield Classic 350 Gun Metal Grey – BS-VI (Alloy) ₹ 2.1 Lakh (approx) 346 cc, Petrol, 37 km
Royal Enfield Classic 350 Chrome and Stealth – BS-VI ₹ 2.14 Lakh (approx) 346 cc, Petrol,

 Bullet Classic 350 price In Delhi 

A bullet classic 350 price in Delhi starts at Rs 1.67 lakhs. This classic bullet is available in 11 different varieties and colors. The buyers can get  EMI for Classic 350 at Rs 6,149 per month at a Rate Of Interest of up to 9.7%. Although most of the variants are more expensive due to several updated features in them. Furthermore, the Royal Enfield classic 350 is India’s favorite retro roadster. Even in the competition of bajaj and honda, the glory of the Royal Enfield classic 350 is still unrivaled. It was the first bike of its segments to be updated to BS6 norms.

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Royal Enfield classic 350 is the most popular motorcycle in India. It is also the most affordable motorcycle from makers after the bullet 350. Although the style of this classic is pure and retro which can’t be replaced with something else. Furthermore, the whole functioning and shape of this motorcycle are appealing to the classical retro touch itself. Moreover, the Royal Enfield Classic 350 mileage is said to be around 35km/l.

FAQs Of Royal Enfield Classic 350 price

Is Royal Enfield Classic 350 worth buying?

The Royal Enfield Classic 350 evokes a strong sense of nostalgia for classic motorcycles. Its mechanical simplicity and vintage motor help you experience brief moments of bliss and the “feel” of riding a RE. If you’re worried about performance figures and numbers, however, you’re better off with other options.

Is Classic 350 good for long rides?

The Royal Enfield Classic 350 is an excellent choice for long rides. It was designed to be used for long-distance travel. There is no mussel suffering. If you use classic for more than 200 kilometers, you can feel arm and thigh pain.

Should I buy a Royal Enfield?

Depending on the engine capacity, your bike will most likely give you a mileage of 25-35 km. The Royal Enfield is expensive to maintain: The Royal Enfield will provide you with all of the driving enjoyment of a muscular bike, but it will come at a price. A Royal Enfield bike’s average service cost is nearly twice that of a regular bike.

Which Royal Enfield bike is best in mileage?

The Royal Enfield Classic 350 has a mileage of 40.8 kmpl. This is the claimed ARAI mileage for all Classic 350 models.

Is a bullet good for beginners?

Please choose any standard 150cc bike as a beginner. With a properly broken-in bike, you might always take a chance, but I had been riding for almost 12 years before I rode a bullet. I consider myself a competent rider, but the transition from splendor to bullet has been an eye-opening experience.

How long will a Royal Enfield last?

Ans: If properly managed, these can easily last up to 30 years. Ride Quality – Since the bikes are heavier, they can provide unrivaled highway stability

Is the Royal Enfield suitable for everyday use?

This is not the bike for you if you want to use it for your everyday city commute and clock a lot of kilometers in traffic. Royal Enfield is renowned for its vintage and cruising motorcycles. However, the bike has a premium feel to it, as well as a convenient riding position and seats for long tours.

Is Himalayan good for daily use?

Yes, the Himalayan is capable of serving your regular roads, but riding in hilly areas or on a long trip is much more enjoyable. You could feel the heaviness while riding during rush hour in heavy traffic.

Is Royal Enfield expensive to maintain?

The approximate three-year maintenance cost of a Royal Enfield Classic 350 is Rs 17,882. The first service is free after 3000 kilometers, the second after 6000 kilometers, and the third after 9000 kilometers.

How long can we ride a Royal Enfield in a single stretch?

The engine heated up, but that’s to be expected. There were no issues, and the trip was smooth. However, due to the long journey and the fact that riding a bike for 9 hours at a time is not advised, I developed mild back pain. It can travel around 200 kilometers in a single stretch.

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