How to buy a Tesla Car?

how to buy a tesla car

Tesla has gained popularity with its electric vehicles globally. Many people dream of owning a Tesla car, considering the advantages it has. If you are planning to buy a Tesla car and you think How to buy a Tesla Car? This article might be of some help to you.

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Tesla Provides Two Ways To Purchase Its Vehicles

  1. Through the company’s website.
  2. Through its showrooms in person.

1- Purchasing through the online website 

Perhaps the best place to start is Tesla’s Design Studio. You can add customizations for your car until you’ve customized it to be a great fit via this feature on Tesla’s website. Starting here, you can choose from the variety of options Tesla has to offer. Wondering what all you get to choose? Let me help you with that.

Model- You can choose between a Model S, Model X, Model 3, or a Roadster. Each one of them has a various range of technical specifications to offer to you.
Top speed- 140-250 miles an hour.
Range- Possibly the most important Tesla figure, with a low end (on paper) of 259 miles to 335 miles before recharging is required for the vehicle.
Wheels- There are three options are provided by Tesla.
Color and interior design- Remember that the cost of purchasing a car would be increased by customization beyond the default Tesla designs.
Autopilot- For $5,000, per Tesla’s website, you can add an autopilot that “will steer, accelerate and brake” and even “change lanes on most highways automatically.” This is how you can buy a Tesla Car online through the website.

2- Purchasing by visiting the showroom 

Though Tesla does not run an ordinary chain of car dealerships, it owns service centers throughout the United States and operates them. These serve as repair locations as well as showrooms where you can personally see the vehicles, ask questions, and take one out for a test drive. You might have to schedule beforehand for a test drive, this is because the company keeps limited cars in the showrooms.

Tesla provides two choices for individuals who don’t live near a showroom. Second, the organization holds test drive activities regularly around the country and the world. On Tesla’s website, you will search for upcoming activities. Second, if you haven’t taken one for a test drive, Tesla lets you return its cars in three days.

How To Buy A Tesla Car For A Cheap Price?

The Model 3 is the cheapest Tesla available to purchase at the moment. If someone looking to pick up a Tesla will want to go for this electric vehicle (EV) at the most affordable price.

In addition to the principle of buying a car that could potentially push the owner around by itself, one of the key advantages of opting for an electric vehicle is the savings after purchase, such as not using petrol, and fewer maintenance repairs are supposed to be needed. The price quoted, however, is simply the start. The actual type of Tesla and the experience with which a customer ends up depends significantly on how cheap they want it to be. Or, more particularly, what characteristics and customizations they are happy to pass on.

Let’s say, with 18-inch Aero wheels and an all-black interior, the $37,990 Model 3 price is for the Standard Plus rear-wheel-drive model in Pearl White. Changing any of these components would raise the price and adjust them all, adding a lot to the final cost.

How To Buy A Tesla Car In India?

Tesla has no particular showroom currently in India. Tesla Motors has announced that its cheapest Tesla Model 3 electric car will be made available in India and they will launch their Indian operations from here, but the vehicle will only come as a CBU import for now. As the company starts deliveries, its showroom, charging stations in India, will be built slowly. If it gets strong sales and business in India, then the establishment of its production unit here in India will also be considered.

How To Buy A Used Tesla Car?

There are typically three sites from where you can buy a used Tesla car. Depending on your place and budget, these all differ. A used car may be bought from the maker of the car, a reputable dealer, or a private seller.

Buying a used Tesla car from a manufacturer’s dealership helps you to know that mechanically and cosmetically, the car you are buying has met minimum specifications and that a reasonable warranty should be offered for the car. Buying from a reputable dealer will allow your Tesla to be mechanically sound, and to make the car look desirable and worth selling, they will fix any cosmetic problems. By regulation, they also have a guarantee. They’ll also check and replace the battery if necessary.

A private seller is the last choice. If the car is still under warranty, even if it fails, you can buy it without major risk. It may cost you more money to have it repaired if the car is out of the Tesla warranty.


The method for buying a Tesla car is quite different from other cars, but now that you know how to purchase a Tesla, it should be fairly straightforward. You would want to do your homework and get an idea of the cost before committing, just as in every other vehicle.

Before you buy a Tesla car, you will be able to test drive it. You can either visit a showroom in some states or go online once you end up buying your car.

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