Everything you Need to Know About Fiat 500L

Fiat 500L

Although the Fiat 500L shares part of its name with the iconic city car, it is by no means compact in terms of its dimensions. It’s a mini MPV, designed to be a bit tall, yet still, have enough room for a family of five. Still, this latest model is up against much tougher competition than its precursor as individuals move away from mini MPVs in favor of smaller SUVs. Fiat 500 price starts at ₹ 14.93 Lakh.

About Fiat 500L

The original Fiat 500 was smaller. The reborn retro look is huge, and now it is the big brother that’s more mini-MPV than a city-focused minicar. To put this into context: it’s 500mm longer, over 200mm wider, and 120mm overlong than the Fiat Panda.

The Fiat 500l That Dwarfs the Honda Jazz is one of the Biggest Superminis ( basically supermini is a part of British car categorization or vehicle size class for a small car, usually in a hatchback body style ) fiat 500l for sale. Well, there’s a plan. This is the 500 owners of the car that will now evolve into a Fiat for young moms who are now plagued by looting in the spring.

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Fiat 500L Features

  • With its sporty seats and unique details, the 500L Sport is the perfect crossover to run at full speed over a short distance with your family all week long.
  • You need to get ready for new adventures with your loved ones and 500L Cross.
  • A family car with a tough look and an adventurous spirit.
  • Go wild, and get comfortable with fiat 500l Cross Style at its best, the perfect expression of your full of excitement spirit.
  • With flat 500l stay connected with your love. It’s Silver Matte Dashboard, Dedicated Interior, More connectivity, and on the 500L Connect, technology brings families together.
  • Flat 500L offers enough amount of space and good seat flexibility, making it an especially practical option for families.
  • The sizzling Arancio Sicilia color of 500L Cult shows the best side of the flat 500L with its joyful hero color and peculiar style.
  • Feel a new type of connection and discover the comfort of remote control with Mopar Connect and with the Google Assistant using your voice to interact with your 500L Hey Google.

Driving Skills

  • It’s great in the city, that’s for sure. Steering is quiet and easy, perfect for city kids. There’s also a dead patch around the square, so you don’t have to make small fixes.
  • This, of course, means that this Keener is a bit wooly and unresponsive while driving, and that’s where the Fiat 500L falls.
  • Despite being a tall thing, the Fiat’s laid-back body roll is fairly well contained, so it doesn’t so much, er, change direction slowly and steadily.
  • It is derived from a version of the Fiat Punto platform, so it looks like that. Just a little less enthusiastic kindness.
  • Engines are good. The 1.6-liter diesel is great but the petrol is just as important in this class the 1.4 is so but the multi-air is pleasant.
  • It seems that not everyone is enchanted by the oddball two-cylinder TwinAir, as Fiat has taken it off-limits. But the big 1.4 turbo remains, and it is by far the fastest.

Fiat 500L Performace And Drive

Fiat produces enough grunt at low revs to feel decently punchy in the city, though it does run out of puff at around 5000rpm. Still, this is ​far stronger than the entry-level naturally aspirated 1.4, which will have to push a lot harder if you want to make progress.

The turbocharged 1.4 petrol is the strongest and most comfortable to drive but costs more to buy and run. Diesel is a better option. The 1.3 has just enough to get up and running on fast country roads and the company’s car drivers will love its low CO2 emissions.

The 1.6 type diesel, however, is better suited to house a family and stuff, thanks to the good amount of low-end torque available. However, they still don’t feel completely quick. A six-speed manual gearbox comes as standard, but a five-speed automatic is available with the 1.3 diesel. We will avoid it if possible because it is too retarded in a hurry. That said, it brings the lowest CO2 emissions of the Fiat 500L range.

Inside Fiat 500L

It’s anything but a 500-squash, with enough headroom to make sure the baseball player Fiat showed us would be comfortable to sit in the back. The panoramic roof adds to the effect, as do the glass side windows, though you will see mpg plummet when it’s sunny, as the air con has had to work harder.

The Fiat 500l interior and fundamentals hold, including good seats, a big boot, and a cubbyhole. But it has also added on some unique mini-like personalization, including 333 options, includes an engineered sound system by Dr. Dre (you can celebrate this with a new bespoke Beats version).

Dre branding doesn’t come cheap if you want, though). Also, and a built-in coffee machine. Is this a great option for ​your children? Is this the best new car option of 2016?

Front Space 

The long roofline of 500L makes the front space amazing. Two tall adults will have no problem getting comfortable because the headroom, legroom, and shoulder room are all great. The front doors are also very wide for great access.

Two large cupholders sit right in front of the gear lever, which can make them difficult to reach, but each front door has enough pockets to accept a 1.0-liter bottle and more. The glovebox is also a good size, but the front armrest is optional. Keep in mind that going for the optional espresso machine add-on will take away available space in the center console, as this is where the coffee machine must be inserted and operated.

Suspension And Ride Comfort

Wheel sizes of 500 liters range from 15-inch steel wheels on the entry-level Pop Star model to 16-inch alloy wheels on the Lounge model, while 17-inch alloys are optional. The off-road-oriented 500L Cross model gets 17in alloys as standard and doesn’t worry it doesn’t matter which wheels you choose, the ride is firm.

It’s the kind of broken surfaces you find on the high roads of the UK that the 500L exposes, sending small shocks through the interior and lots of unwanted vibrations into the steering column. Overall, though, the car’s body is very well made, so it never gets uncomfortable.

At higher speeds, the 500L glides over smaller obstructions with greater compliance, though the larger ruts and expansion joints still create a bang.

Market Competition

Fiat 500 is up against some of the toughest competition in this segment, including the Ford B-Max, Hyundai ix20, and Kia Venga, even the Vauxhall Meriva, and Citroen C3 Picasso. It’s cool and different enough to stand out, but it doesn’t have the talent to beat the best. Still, the £13k price tag should give it a chance – an SUV-look with the added intrigue of trekking, even now.

Noise And Vibration 

The refinement is one of the worst aspects of the 500L. The manual gearshift is too much of a notch and the suspension makes a lot of noise on rough roads. As the speed increases, so does road noise, as well as the very noticeable sound of wind gusts around the long windscreen of the car.

The entry-level 1.4 petrol engine needs to work harder and accelerates as a result, while the TwinAir unit sends a lot of vibrations back through the car’s controls. The 1.4 Turbo in fiat is the smoothest and quietest of the lot.

All three diesel engines feel quite rough when cold, but they become smooth when heated. That said, when pushed beyond 3000rpm, they send a lot of engine noise back into the interior and a lot of vibration through the wheel and pedals.

Fiat 500L Price, Insurance Groups, MPG, And CO2

Fiat 500L price won’t cost you a fortune to run either engine, but a turbocharged 1.4 will get most fuel through. The company’s car drivers will want to go for the 1.3 diesel for its lower CO2 emissions, and this model is likely to use the least amount of fuel even on long motorway journeys.

A two-cylinder Twinair engine may hold a lot of promise in terms of low running costs, but in the real world, it struggles to live up to the figures, because it has to work so hard to make good progress. The 500L is priced to compete with the Vauxhall Crossland X and undercut cars like the Mini Countryman by a fairly narrow margin.

Fiat 500L Safety And Security

The previous generation 500L was awarded a full five stars in the Euro NCAP crash test, and thankful to the addition of new safety features like automatic emergency braking, we expect the new car to be just as good. It comes with six airbags to protect you from damage in an accident, and various electronic aids are available to prevent accidents. These include stability control and tire pressure monitoring. City braking is a relatively inexpensive option. Security firm Thatcham has yet to conduct its safety tests on the 500L.


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