Nissan Juke 2021: Everything You Need to Know 

Nissan Juke


Some of the car lovers and users might not know about the history and beginning of the Nissan Juke and it’s amazing how a new car model becomes desirable within a few years. The same happened to the Nissan Juke. It was a pioneer when it arrived nine years ago. It is a combined form of attitude and altitude of a crossover. It’s been sold like crazy from start to end throughout its life. Even though it has been changed in many ways, the spirit is expected to stay the same. 

Nissan juke 2021

Let’s talk about the exterior and styling of the new car. Firstly the primary focus of the Nissan Juke is on looking more modern-day cars. It show-off a bold and graceful character making the Nissan Juke more attractive over the road. It has Y-shaped LED headlamps coupled with LED daytime running lights. Which creates a gleaming and sophisticated styling to the newly made front-end. 

Nissan designers have given the two options to mark two-tone metallic paint, providing it with a more enhanced and bold framework setting’s this crossover’s presence on and off-road. In addition, you can pick out the exterior personalization pack. You can opt for the colors from fuji sunset road, blade silver or peal back inserts on the front bumper with on rear bumper and side skirts. 

The second-generation Nissan Juke has been to the gym. Nissan has expanded the overall size of the car by 75mm. It’s not the first time they have increased the size of the hatch, but now it’s 131 mm wider than before. Space doesn’t matter while booting. Well, the boot offers 422 L in size. 

We will discuss whether it’s good to buy Nissan Juke or if you should think about it more. It will depend on your requirements, by the way, still, we would help you more into it. Wanna know about the juke’s first spirit? Here it is.

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About Nissan Juke’s first spirit 

It was stylish though impractical not being sporty. The Ford Capri 1300. Years after it arrived in the market, many manufacturers launched small crossovers whom we lazily called juke’s rivals as juke was the first to come. But they weren’t as they were not as useless. Its driving position was curved, its back seat confined and dark. Also, it boots a little extra than a rear-mounted glove box. 

But the new one has a big space inside. Adults could sit in the back. The boot is however bigger and you get to it through a decent size hatch aperture. 

Is The Juke Still Friendly? 

Nonetheless, Nissan could have opted to get the lazy way: like making the juke much bigger and boxier. Quite similar to its so-called rivals. But the issue was that it would have made it heavier and less city-friendly. Expectedly, Nissan didn’t: the raise in length is smaller than 10cm growth in wheelbase. Thus, it’s still small enough to be parked and lighter of course. 

The new dimensions push the wheels further to the corners, the effect caused by their hugeness. The upper specs have standard 19s. Even though the designers loved it, thinking from a dynamic point of view is spurious. Just have a look through the spokes. If you demand only a little break, you don’t need this much tire. 

The design has modernized and takes advantage of the powerful stance. As yet, it has lost none of the thorough boldness of the old one. 

The front still bears those big round eyes, though their lightning function is not circular now, a trefoil LED. A huge arrowhead is dented into the front door skin. The contrast-toned roof, if you choose, has an imprinted channel down the center. Rear door handles are inserted behind the windows. Whereas, the back number plate and badge are lodged in a huge hexagonal base. 

So are you wondering if the Nissan Juke is a good choice? Let us clear your doubts. 

Nissan Juke Price

The new Nissan Juke is estimated to have a price of between Rs 7 lakh to 10 lakhs. The price of the lowest model will be worth Rs 7 lakhs and the model which is offering more advanced features on the road will have a price of 10 lakhs or above.

Nissan Juke Reviews

Nissan Juke is a five-seater modern and stylish small SUV. It’s more like some freakish creations you see on a fashion show during a catwalk. So if the looks make your mind blow it will put you will be put up with a compromise. 

Therefore, you buy a Nissan Juke by heart, but you will be more satisfied with the new features. The Juke has been updated and now offers more passengers, a big boot with new infotainment. The question that arises now is Nissan is good enough to tempt you more than other small SUVs such as Volkswagen T-cross or Skoda Kamiq? 

The new Nissan Juke merged with the looks of an SUV and a coupe- quite similar to the old model- and still possess signature points like bold circular headlights. Although, now it has Y-shaped LED running lights. While Nissan’s typical v motion grille is away in its range. Additionally, there are new wheel designs, a roof with contrast color, and lots of exterior paint choices. 

While inside of the Nissan juke’s cabin there are more upmarket and with more opportunities to individualize it to your taste. It also has an infotainment system consisting of an 8-inch touchscreen with menu buttons. And comes up with extra features of Apple car play and android auto with google assistant. However, it’s a noticeable improvement on what went before, while Skoda and VW still have the boundary with their more automatic systems. 

Like the previous model, it’s enough for two adults in the front seats and also enough space for two behind- won’t allow over six feet tall along with a bigger boot than the old model. 

Well, as yet it has one engine, a 1.0 L three petrol with 117hp. Although a manual six-speed gearbox is standard, you can come up with a slick seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox. You won’t get an opinion to add all-wheel drive. 

The Nissan’s juke engine runs strong enough around town but feels a little bit strenuous when racing down motorway slip roads or overtaking at higher speeds. It has three driving modes: eco, standard, and sport, and the juke is activated in the latter. Though, you won’t feel it as sporty.

It too feels a little rough over the lumps and bumps on roads, typically when fitted with the largest 19-inch wheels. Things get improved on the motorway, still, Toyota C-HR is more relaxing to travel for long hours. 

As an overall Nissan juke has come exponentially. It’s comfier, with ample space, more practical, and worth driving, and bears higher quality than the old model. Well, you can think about VW T-cross or Skoda Kamiq first. But if you are focusing on the looks more than space, then the juke is near the top of your SUV list. 

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Not confusing you with its advantages and disadvantages, we will assure you about all the benefits it’s going to give you with a point-to-point list of its main specifications.  

Equipment included in the previous juke

  • LED headlamps with daytime running lights
  • DAB radio, Bluetooth, USB, and AUX connectivity
  • Cruise control and speed limiter
  • 4.2” full-color TFT screen combi meter
  • Lane departure warning with intelligent lane intervention
  • Traffic sign recognition 

Equipment included in the latest juke

  • 17” sakura wheels
  • Nissan Connect 8” touchscreen and entertainment system
  • Apple car play, android auto, and google assistant
  • Rearview camera
  • Nissan connect services 

FAQ’s Of Nissan Juke

Why is the Nissan Juke so bad?

We can’t say Nissan Juke is so bad, the issue is with the CVT gearbox fitted to 1.6 petrol models. It has a low reliability rate, as repairs aren’t possible in most cases and the entire gearbox needs to be replaced. Further, Nissan has contributed to the repair in some cases.

Is Nissan Juke a good car?

Yeah, the Nissan Juke is a good car, more spacious and with advanced technology now. You have more choices of color as well, like about exterior looks and designs. Although, there are also more practical SUVs if you’re happy with conventional looks. Overall looks are the best part about Nissan juke. 

Is Nissan Juke discontinued?

Yes, it was discontinued in the US after the 2017 model. 

Which Nissan Juke model is best?

So, here is how to choose the best Nissan juke for you:-

The best choice for those on a budget would be 1.6 94 visits.
The best choice for those who value for money- 1.2 DIG-T 115 acenta premium
And the best choice for tech enthusiasts- 1.5 dCi 110 Tekna.

Is the Nissan Juke the worst car?

Although it wasn’t beaten upon its reliability, value, or fuel economy, for sheer ugliness. Nissan Juke was voted for the top 10 ugliest cars ever made by the car readers and also was awarded as the ugliest car by the motor trend forum. 

Is Nissan Juke expensive to maintain?

Nissan juke’s service costs are quite average, with the lowest costing £199 or £229 and a higher service cost will be £279 or £329. 

Why is Nissan Jukes so popular?

It doesn’t look pleasant from whatever angle you look at it. And overall it was a sales success for Nissan. It’s standard to drive at best, rather unsteady and lacking refinement. And not that spacious however it increased the boot size while facelift in 2014.

Is Nissan Juke a woman’s car?

Yes, it’s pretty good from the point of view of women who generally love a small size model like SUV with a better design and modern features which were packed in Nissan juke. In the market, Nissan juke’s perfect rivals are the fiat 500x, the Mazda CX-3, and the jeep compass. 

What replaced the Nissan Juke?

If you were up to Nissan’s latest news over the past years, then you would know about its all-new crossover. That is 2018 Nissan kicks, its Nissan’s first-brand new nameplate over eight years. And it defeats or replaces the Nissan Juke is the subcompact crossover in Nissan’s list. 

Why should I buy a Nissan Juke?

Well, the Nissan Juke is a good car at an affordable price and with a smooth drive. So, juke will give you a big car feel in your budget. The 1.6 L 16v engine is bold enough to keep you out of any discomfort and economically efficient. So, overall it’s nice to buy.

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