Best Drift Cars Under $10k: Can Cheap Cars Drift 

Drifting is not less than figure skating of motorsports. After all it needs skills, style, and having the right car being the most important. For finding the best drift cars, the used car market is however the main vein and is worth checking out. But wait before moving your way to craigslist, pick up the cheapest rear-wheel-drive manual and unite […]

Chrysler PT Cruiser Price, History and Buying Tip

Chrysler PT cruiser history Knowing the history of anything, makes you know the worth and evolution of that particular thing, so Chrysler pt cruiser is about. In the halfway of the 1990s, Chrysler was focusing to collect attention for the vanishing Plymouth brand. The company was somehow playing with the idea of tall wagon rooting on the neon platform. Despite […]

Nissan Juke 2021: Everything You Need to Know 

Some of the car lovers and users might not know about the history and beginning of the Nissan Juke and it’s amazing how a new car model becomes desirable within a few years. The same happened to the Nissan Juke. It was a pioneer when it arrived nine years ago. It is a combined form of attitude and altitude of […]

Kia Crossover: Latest 2021 Kia Seltos Crossover 

The Kia crossover lookbook is trending sharply in the market. Including the range, tie-up with new Seltos and size grows through Sorento, Sportage, and telluride. While some may include the soul and Niro. Both options are good if more utility is demanded than the average hatchback. However, all Kia crossover models come up with apple car play and android auto.  […]