Kia Crossover: Latest 2021 Kia Seltos Crossover 

Kia crossover

The Kia crossover lookbook is trending sharply in the market. Including the range, tie-up with new Seltos and size grows through Sorento, Sportage, and telluride. While some may include the soul and Niro. Both options are good if more utility is demanded than the average hatchback. However, all Kia crossover models come up with apple car play and android auto. 

Kia Crossover 2021 

The latest Kia Seltos crossover has an initial price starting with $23,110, and you can get it either with full all-wheel or front-wheel drive at the initial price. The more robust options for two engine options including a turbocharged 1.6-liter inline-four, begin with $26,610 and arrive with a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission. 

Firstly, Kia made available all the new 201 Kia seltos to foreign markets, and would come to the U.S. here’s all you need to know about its arrival. With a starting price of $23,110, the Seltos settled between the soul and the Sportage in Kia crossover listing. 

The good part is that at the base price, buyers have the option to choose between either an all-wheel or front-wheel drive, both of them are aspired and powered by the same 2.0-liter inline-four with 146 horsepower. You will get more robust choices of the two engines, a turbocharged 1.6-liter inline-four with 175 horsepower only with all-wheel drive at the starting price of $26,610. 

Moreover, the 2.0-liter engine is put together with variable automatic transmission, and the turbocharged and with that of 1.6 liters with a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic. 

The platform type of Seltos and Hyundai Kona, allow more passengers with more cargo space and have more available equipment than the Kona. It comes standard with apple car play, 8.0 touch screen, and android auto capability with selectable drive modes. Kia stated that the Seltos would be on sale in the U.S in the middle of 2020. 

Let’s talk about the listing of the Kia crossover and go through with the advanced features of the amazing line-up of Kia. 

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Kia Seltos

The Seltos comes with an all-wheel drive. But the base LX front driver- the premium of $2000 to drive all four wheels is notable. Kia described its features at its official launch of having “herculean” interior space: it provides enough space to take in six-footer in all seating positions, along with 752 liters seat ups, and when folded flat its 1,778L. Moreover, it’s classy and well equipped for an entry-level ride, each model has blind-spot monitoring with a range-topping SX turbo has a wide 10.25-inch infotainment screen with clear graphics. 

Seltos comes with two engines. Except for the SX turbo, all offer a 2.0litre four which ramps 146 horsepower and 132 foot-pounds of torque via an “intelligent” variable transmission. And also, it’s not noisy, which everyone hates with a typical CVT is not there, as it shifts automatically. Particularly its all-wheel-drive system is a bold performer which runs the power around effortlessly. 

Now, the SX turbo evolved better with a 1.6L turbo-four that makes up 175 horsepower and more intriguing, 195 lb ft. of torque at 1,500 rpm. It drives all four wheels with a seven-speed twin-clutch transmission. At 8.2 seconds to 100 kilometers an hour, it crops up 2.5 seconds off the main engine’s acceleration time. Isn’t it the perfect model, by the given performance? No doubt Seltos is going to be a demanding model.

Kia Sportage

Kia Sportage’s fourth generation was introduced in 2017. To brush up its appeal in 2021, it has new fronts and rear fascias. The model rich in features range from the base LX with eight model variations to the topping range SX. 

Whereas, the cabin is comfortable enough from a passenger’s point of view. Along with the cargo capacity is too far for the line. Well, it has 868 L seats-up and 1,703 L when folded. Honda CR-V offers 1,110L and 2,146L specifically. However, blind-spot monitoring is not offered on the EX or LX models unlike Seltos but is standard on other trims. 

Kia crossover models other than SX use a 2.4L four which strikes 181 horsepower and 175 lb. ft. of torque via a six-speed automatic transmission. The SX too gets a powerful 2.0L turbo-four with the same automatic mechanism and produces 237 horsepower and 260 lb. ft. of torque at 1,450 rpm, which shows Sportage as unique and off the line and it drives to 100km/h of 7.4 seconds. 

Sportage’s Dynamax AWD is dynamic and reorganizes the drive torque before slippage happens. About its capabilities, lift up there with Audi’s Quattro and Subaru’s symmetrical AWD system- consistent in operation and very quick at getting the power down during acceleration, like cornering and on low-friction surfaces. In addition, a suspension helps in controlling body roll which makes the Sportage drive smooth. 

Kia Sorento 

However, Sorento is the older model in the Kia crossover listing, with an updated third-generation model being introduced in 2015. It’s been rushed and pushed to keep in contact with a shifting market. But all-new 2021 model is waiting in the line. 

The cabin offers a comfortable and plenty of space for seating positions, with the third row is best for the kids, but for an adult, it feels like walking in the rain. It offers a generous cargo capacity. The seven-seater model possesses 320L behind the third row, and 1,077L with folding, and 2,066L with the middle row flat. Though base LX doesn’t offer blind-spot monitoring it is standard on all other models. 

The LX and LX plus models come up with a tolerable four-cylinders engine that makes up 185 horsepower and 181 lb. ft. of torque and runs all four wheels through a six-speed automatic transmission, giving the engine of choice 3.3L V6. with which it develops 290 horsepower and 252 lb. ft. of torque which works better with eight-speed automatic. This is why the performance has improved by the combination across the board- the drive from rest to 100km/h comes in 7.5 seconds. 

Both the engines work with the Dynamax AWD system- it is however the same system as in Sportage. In terms of range, it’s the EX that offers the best value. 

Actively, Sorento possesses highway control without giving up on comfort. The suspension takes a rapid set through a corner and the steering is sharp without feeling twitchy. 

Kia telluride 

The seven or eight-seater telluride is Kia’s boldly-designed chief crossover. It provides plenty of room in all sitting positions and the third row is comfortable for the adult family. However, the layout pays easy access to the third row. While the rest of the cabin is equally comfortable and impressive with the model range running from the well-equipped EX, along with the full zoot SX limited with its Nappa leather option. 

Thus, SX is the best deal in between the bookends. It comes with everything from dual-pane power moonroof to blind-spot monitor- when either of the signal- left or right activated the side-views camera lay down the scene in the middle of the console. 

Kia Telluride has a splendid ride raised by the supportive comfy seats- making it a wonderful long-distance cruiser. The quietness provides while driving is also prominent- the cabin noise at highway speeds competes with that of a luxury car. Even after having an obedient suspension, the telluride does not hesitate while forced to work- the steering is expressive through a fast on-ramp and the engine provides it a 2,272-kilogram tow capacity. 


Kia crossover has a high effect on the market with the continued innovation in the previous models. For instance, the Kia crossover Seltos 2021 offers all four-wheel or front-wheel options with also a choice of engine. Have the base price of $ 23,110. Apart from it the other models included in the Kia crossover portfolio give a smooth and comfortable drive with ample rooms in sitting positions and good instrumentation. 

FAQs Of Kia Crossover

Does Kia have a crossover?

Yes, Kia’s crossover is one of the highly demandable crossovers in the market. The range is tied up by the new Seltos and grows in size through Soletos, Sorento, Sportage, and telluride. Moreover, all the Kia models possess apple car play and android auto. 

What is the most popular Kia model?

The most popular Kia models are-

  1. Kia forte
  2. Kia optima
  3. Kia soul
  4. Kia Sorento
  5. Kia Sportage

Is the Kia Seltos smaller than the Sportage?

Well, the Sportage is 4.4 inches longer, though the cargo space in both is quite similar. The latest Kia Seltos 2021 offers the widest cargo area for a subcompact SUV as per the US news. The new Seltos has 26.6 cubic feet in the rear front and 62.8 cubic feet while folded down.

Which is better Kia Sportage or Honda CRV?

While the CRV is well known for its calmness and refinement, Kia’s Sportage 2021 is known for its agility. Although, the Sportage is below-average for fuel economy as it gets only up to 23mpg overall. If you go with the base model, you will get a 181 horsepower, 2.4L four-cylinder engine. 

Are Kia and Hyundai are the same company?

Hyundai motor group decided to own the auto company in 1998 to keep it going. Hyundai and Kia – both operate independently, Hyundai is the parent company of Kia motors. If we talk about differences in both the companies then it would be their brand marketing philosophies to independently produce their vehicles. 

Is AWD the same as 4WD?

So, the slight difference between the two is the mechanics involved in all-wheel drive and four-wheel drive. All-wheel drive tells off about vehicles that have a four-wheel-drive system and is styled to maximize road traction such as on slippery roads. 

Is Kia Sportage good in snow?

With the assistance of new technologies and driver assistance features, Kia’s Sportage 2021 is capable enough to take on resilient snowstorms at a good starting price. 

Why do Kias have a bad reputation?

Yes, there was a time when the Kia used to be a bad brand as they started by making cars that were already manufactured by other manufacturers but soon they discontinued. But when they reappeared in the market in 1996, they strictly kept a budget brand, with inexpensive cars to buy and drive. 

Are Kias expensive to repair?

Yes, Kia is quite expensive and has made its place on 14th number in the list of brands that cost high to maintain over the first 10 years, with a base cost of $8,800 compared to Toyota’s base cost of $5,500.

What is the difference between 2020 and 2021 Kia Sportage?

Well, there are some differences in the designs of the two. The Sportage 2020 used blocky LED headlamps that appeared the same as ice cubes placed in a blackened cooler. While the 2021 model has made it different with a slender, rectangular shape. 

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