Everything You Need to Know About Tesla Model Y

Tesla Model Y

Tesla Model Y lineup, like the Model 3, contains a Standard Range cost-leader trim that is basically a version of the Long Range model’s rear-wheel-drive. The all-wheel-drive Long Range and Performance versions are the more convincing choices.

Long Range, zipping in just 4.4 seconds from zero to 60 mph, a mere 0.4 second behind our Model 3 long-range sedan. While the Model Y provides incredible acceleration, it does not provide the same level of driving satisfaction as the Model 3.

A higher center of gravity is created by the SUV body, which dulls the sharp edge of the handling of the Model 3, and the Y’s ride is also much rougher over road imperfections.

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What Are The Specifications Of The Tesla Model Y?

Range – The all-wheel-drive Long Range provides a range of 326 miles, the approximate range of the value model decreases to 303 miles. But the latter comes with 20-inch wheels, a lower suspension, faster-claimed acceleration, a higher top speed (145 mph), and a dedicated track mode. The Standard Range model is the cheapest Model Y, but with a lower driving range of 244 miles per charge.

Fuel Economy – The Long-range model is good for 131 MPGe in the town and 117 MPGe on the highway, while the fuel economy estimates of the output model are 115 MPGe in the town and 106 MPGe on the highway. Just 94 MPGe and an average highway driving range of 220 miles were reported for the Model Y Long Range economy test road.

Interior – The Model Y does not come with the complex Falcon Wing doors of the larger Model X crossover; its interior is largely a carryover from the Model 3 sedan. It is mostly button-free, like that car, and depends mostly on a broad infotainment display based on a basic dashboard. It has an all-glass roof that gives the cabin an airy feel but is heavily tinted to prevent occupants in Sun Belt states from being fried. The optional third row of seats adds a steep $3000 to the price of Tesla Model Y. We can’t believe that they’re going to be comfortable enough for adults to ride in comfort.

Connectivity – In Model Y, the big, slim infotainment display that is in the middle of the dashboard manages almost every feature. On this monitor, which takes some getting used to, everything from climate control to the speedometer is displayed.

Safety – Tesla is known for its very advanced semi-autonomous driving system for Autopilot, and as usual, the Model Y provides the functionality. There are more advanced features that are optional, such as a self-parking function and a Summon feature. They have safety characteristics like an Automated emergency braking level with pedestrian detection, lane-departure norm warning with lane-keeping assist, adaptive cruise control standard with the semi-autonomous mode of driving.

What Is The Price Of Tesla’s Model Y In The US?

The price for Model Y starts in the US at $52,990 (Long Range model). Pricing for currency conversions and tax benefits would fluctuate internationally. The Value Version contains various upgrade options (0-60 in 3.5 seconds as opposed to 4.5 seconds in the Long Range).

What Is The Price Of Tesla’s Model Y In India?

Tesla, the world’s leading producer of electric vehicles, will soon be introducing its Model Y on the Indian car market. Tesla reported that the Model Y would be released in March 2021. Tesla’s price in India is approximated to be starting from around 50,00,000 INR.

What Is The Charging Time For Tesla’s Model Y?

The charging time for the Model Y depends on the following –

  • Regular NEMA 5-15: 30 h 52 mins for 100% charge.
  • NEMA 14-50: 7 h 14 mins for 100% charge.
  • Tesla Supercharge or any DC Charging Station: 50 mins for 100% charge.


Tesla Model Y offers brisk acceleration on par with a traditional performance vehicle, like most electric cars. You can give it a try if you have not witnessed the immediate and unrelenting thrust of electric power, and if that sounds interesting to you. The 2020 Model Y is powered solely by electric motors, like all Tesla automobiles. If it were a car powered by gasoline, horsepower in the 450 range.

On freeway onramps, the Tesla Model Y is also enjoyable, where its low center of gravity (thanks to the floor-mounted battery) and rapid steering ratio give it a sporting feeling uncommon among most crossovers. Beyond steering efforts, when the driver’s foot is removed from the brake, Model Y owners can configure acceleration, regenerative braking speed, and vehicle creep.

We prefer “hold” among the stopping modes. The heavy regenerative deceleration makes it generally pointless to move your foot to the brake pedal while still bringing the vehicle to a perfectly smooth stop every time.

FAQs Of Tesla Model Y

What is the price of a Tesla Model Y?

What is the price of a Tesla Model Y? With a starting price of $41,990, the Tesla Model Y Standard Range is one of the most affordable vehicles in the class. The Model Y Long Range starts at $49,990, with the Model Y Performance costing an additional $60,990.

Is the Tesla Model Y a good investment?

The Tesla Model Y is a fantastic crossover that’s also a fantastic electric vehicle. It successfully builds on the Model 3 sedan’s design, range, technology, and value while adding new features for buyers who want the look, space, and capability of an SUV. It appears to be in good condition.

How long would the Tesla Model Y take to arrive?

Customers interested in purchasing a Model Y crossover should expect delivery times of 2 to 11 weeks. Tesla’s flagship Model S, on the other hand, is expected to take 10-14 weeks to arrive, so it won’t be available until May at the earliest. Even not until May or June will the Model X SUV be available.

What does a Tesla Model Y come with?

The Tesla Model Y includes 12-way power-adjustable front seats, heated front, and rear seats, dual-zone automatic climate control, a power-adjustable steering wheel, power-folding, and heated side mirrors, and LED fog lamps as standard equipment.

Is Tesla Y a crossover vehicle?

The 2021 Tesla Model Y is a small SUV that sits underneath the company’s larger Model X. The rear-wheel-drive Standard Range is less costly than the other models, but it has far less range and can only be ordered by calling Tesla.

Is the Model Y a seven-seater?

The Model Y is the most versatile vehicle on the market, capable of transporting seven passengers and their belongings. Each seat in the second row folds flat individually, allowing for versatile storage of skis, furniture, luggage, and other items.

Is it possible to plug a Tesla into a standard outlet?

Yes, indeed. All new Tesla cars come with a 110-volt outlet adapter (NEMA 5-15) as standard equipment. Depending on the vehicle, this offers two to four miles of range per hour of charging. A Wall Connector is recommended for the best home charging experience.

Is the Model 3 superior to the Model Y?

For families, the Model Y is a better option: The Model Y is more family-friendly than the Model 3. This Tesla is one of the most comfortable to ride in, with more passenger amenities, increased cargo space, and modern passenger technology. When deciding between two models that are so close, minor details become more important.

What does a Tesla Model Y come with?

The Tesla Model Y includes 12-way power-adjustable front seats, heated front, and rear seats, dual-zone automatic climate control, a power-adjustable steering wheel, power-folding, and heated side mirrors, and LED fog lamps as standard equipment.

Is the Tesla Model Y a fully electric vehicle?

The Model Y’s dual onboard electric motors provide plenty of power; rear-wheel drive is standard on the Standard Range model, but all-wheel drive is standard on the Long Range and Performance versions.

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